Let’s Look At The Clydebank Cooperative

There’s a number of factors that a business is rated on. Like customer service, quality of products and how valuable the business is to the community. One of the businesses that tick all the boxes and more is the Clydebank Cooperative.  It’s a cornerstone of the community in Clydebank.  The Clydebank Cooperative is the smallest in Scotland and is only one of 3 cooperatives left in the country. It’s the only Coop that’s not been nationalised. Employing many people in the local community, it serves as an economy booster to the town too.

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Home Buying In Scotland

Buying a home can be a very stressful task. There are many things you need to go through before the purchase can be completed. The first thing you need to do before diving in and making an offer on the house is making sure you’ve seen the home report first. This report will cover an energy report, a survey and a property questionnare which must be commissioned by any the people putting the house on the market. There are some exceptions though. Newly built homes, right to buy homes and properties that have quite recently been changed into a residential property don’t need to commission home reports.

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Scottish Sport

If you’re ever in Glasgow or Scotland in general then you know that we’re passionate about sport. We have some of the best scenery in the whole of Europe to produce and witness our sports stars. Our passion is unmatched too. This has helped us produce the likes of Gordon Strachan, Ally McCoist and Chris Hoy.

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Working In Glasgow

You may be setting up your first business. You might be just moving premises but one of the things that will be at the forefront of your mind is the type of office set up. There’s two options, the open or closed office. Which will give your business that extra boost such as income and produce the best environment for your staff to thrive?  There’s pros and cons of both office designs. So let’s look at factors regarding setting up your office and which would be better in terms of cost, privacy, communication etc.

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Health In Glasgow

So smoking has got you down and you’ve begun to realise that you want to kick the habit, that it’s not for you anymore. The first stage is thinking how you’re going to quit.  We’re going to be honest, it isn’t going to be easy. Although the smoking rate in Glasgow has gone down over the past decade or so… since the smoking ban has been put into place, it’s still a difficult task.  The first thing you need to do is to implement a plan of action. If you have a plan of how you’re going to quit, it makes it a lot easier to stick to rather than not having one.  Let’s check out the type of plans you can use to help you stop smoking:

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Moving To The Big City

You’re on the move to the big city.. the big city is Glasgow. You’ve got a new job, need a be nearer the city for the commute. There’s a lot of things on your mind on the move but at UK Glasgow we have a useful guide to help you through these murky waters so when moving day does arrive, you have everything in place. We’re going to talk about when the best time to move so it relieves stress and is convenient to you.

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Business Success In Glasgow

People measure the economy of the city on many different things. Such as disposable income but another factor involved is business growth and how many employees are employed by the organisation. In Glasgow, we can look at many examples but one that stands out is European Circuits. Based in Clydebank on the outskirts of Glasgow, they’re an organisation on the up, that’s for sure.

How much of a success story is European Circuits? What’s the history of the company and what do they? Let’s find out…

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