Business Success In Glasgow

People measure the economy of the city on many different things. Such as disposable income but another factor involved is business growth and how many employees are employed by the organisation. In Glasgow, we can look at many examples but one that stands out is European Circuits. Based in Clydebank on the outskirts of Glasgow, they’re an organisation on the up, that’s for sure.

How much of a success story is European Circuits? What’s the history of the company and what do they? Let’s find out…

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European Circuits – Who They Are

The company is one of the biggest manufacturers for PCB not just in the UK but in Europe. The head og the organisation is Mark Briscoe and under his leadership and assistance from Marketing Manager Neil Johnstone, the company has gone from strength to strength. Customer service is one of the key factors ni what makes EC a success. They put customers are the forefront of their thinking. When customer orders are made, each order is competed to the highest possible standard in the quickest time frame which each product made with care.

The company is situated in a privately owned area of Clydebank.  The offer several services like PTH, SMT and PCB Manufacturing as well as cable assembly.

The companys continued growth

EC has brought a lot of success to the town of Clydebank and Greater Glasgow.

They’ve made a difference in their online operations too with a brand new website and investment in a new and diverse digital marketing strategy.

Looking to the future

Work in infrastructure is planned as well as increasing the workforce on a number of fronts, the future is looking bright for one of Glasgow’s success stories. Let’s hope that the continued economic success has a knock on effect for the rest of the city. Other businesses that are successful in the city of Glasgow Can are the Brand Bar where you get Ralph Lauren Glasgow clothing.

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