Moving To The Big City

You’re on the move to the big city.. the big city is Glasgow. You’ve got a new job, need a be nearer the city for the commute. There’s a lot of things on your mind on the move but at UK Glasgow we have a useful guide to help you through these murky waters so when moving day does arrive, you have everything in place. We’re going to talk about when the best time to move so it relieves stress and is convenient to you.

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When to move during the year

It’s a  big dilemma.. at what time of year should you move? We suggest avoiding the busier months of Summer and Winter (if you don’t have kids). During this period, it will be easier to remove goods as it won’t be too hot or too cold either. Removals Glasgow firms are based all over but we think an Edinburgh based company called Guardian Removals are best.

Work around your kids

Moving with kids isn’t easy. By working around the school year it makes it a lot easier tho as they get to say goodbye to their class mates for the summer at least and don’t miss any school. It can be a very tricky time when kids are involved as it makes it more difficult. One drawback about moving around the school year is that it cost more than other periods.

When not to move

We don’t recommend moving during periods of religious h0lidays. It can be a nightmare for transportation. This includes Christmas and Easter.

What else to think about

Avoid peak times if your using a removals company as it can become expensive.

If you follow these tips then moving day should become a breeze. Stay up to date on the  blog for more helpful tips if you live in Glasgow.

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