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So smoking has got you down and you’ve begun to realise that you want to kick the habit, that it’s not for you anymore. The first stage is thinking how you’re going to quit.  We’re going to be honest, it isn’t going to be easy. Although the smoking rate in Glasgow has gone down over the past decade or so… since the smoking ban has been put into place, it’s still a difficult task.  The first thing you need to do is to implement a plan of action. If you have a plan of how you’re going to quit, it makes it a lot easier to stick to rather than not having one.  Let’s check out the type of plans you can use to help you stop smoking:

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Are you planning to stop smoking with no help at all

It’s called going cold turkey. This way is a popular way to quit smoking and is adopted by quite a bit of the population. Only around 7% of people who go cold turkey are able to kick the habit for good and go smoke free. This might show that the help of medical professionals, tobacco substitutes etc may end up working better than stopping all by yourself.

Planning to stop using the help of a medical professional/counsellor

 This way to quit smoking is something that should seriously be thought about. This type of therapy can get to the route problem of why you smoke and the causes of it and the background story to how you started. If you can deep into these problems, a solution can possibly be reached for you to go smoke free for good. It can delve deep into the emotional circumstances as to why you smoke.

Planning to stop using laser therapy

Laser therapy is a new method to quit smoking and its becoming a more popular method to quit smoking than ever before.  This use of lasers are are a great way to go smoke free.

The use of nicotine replacement

The use of gum or patches can help you quit smoking. Technology has advanced far that even inhalers are used as nicotine replacements. This way, you can can get the nicotine you need without smoking tobacco. The goal of it all is to quit smoking and that includes without relying on nicotine.

Combination of treatments to quit smoking

This can be the best way to quit smoking. If you have support from family and friends while adopting laser therapy or using nicotine replacement therapy and a counsellor might be the perfect route. You should be open to any option until you find one that works for you.

Whatever method you choose take your time in deciding.

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