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You may be setting up your first business. You might be just moving premises but one of the things that will be at the forefront of your mind is the type of office set up. There’s two options, the open or closed office. Which will give your business that extra boost such as income and produce the best environment for your staff to thrive?  There’s pros and cons of both office designs. So let’s look at factors regarding setting up your office and which would be better in terms of cost, privacy, communication etc.

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The cost of setting up the office

The cost of setting up an office varies dramatically. When setting up, an open office is cheaper to run and set up than the closed office.  It’s cheaper to keep warm and keep cool during the summer. Furthermore, if you decide that you want to change the layout of the office then it’s much easier to change the open office design than the closed office design. In the open office you can change around desks easily and set up a new floor plan without having to knock down walls. Also, the rent is cheaper because you’re able to fit in more staff too.


Company directors like to deal will like to conduct business in private time to time. Whether that’s securing a new client, reviewing a staff member or dealing with finances.  The closed office would be the better option in this case. Within a closed room you can get on with the important business you need to deal with such as the business direction without havin other team members overhear the conversation. Also, if you need to deal with HR issues then this office type is better too.

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