Let’s Look At The Clydebank Cooperative

There’s a number of factors that a business is rated on. Like customer service, quality of products and how valuable the business is to the community. One of the businesses that tick all the boxes and more is the Clydebank Cooperative.  It’s a cornerstone of the community in Clydebank.  The Clydebank Cooperative is the smallest in Scotland and is only one of 3 cooperatives left in the country. It’s the only Coop that’s not been nationalised. Employing many people in the local community, it serves as an economy booster to the town too.

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The organisation stands alone as it’s not part of the Co-operative UK group. Until as recently as 2013, the company was partners with the Cooperative retail group but changed to be driven in partnership with the Keystore brand.

A great advantage of this business is it invests back in the community for the better good. It supplies floor space for vendors and their business. This continues to be a positive thing for the community and economy in the area.

There are other parts of the business that enable it to continually grow from strength to strength. They have the funeral director Glasgow based company the Cooperative funeral care too.

The company’s ethos is to sustain the local community and keep money within it. Let’s hope the organisation continues to go from strength to strength.



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